Wednesday, 30 January 2013

As part of tax return preparation program, Kumar Income Tax Services provide free online e-filing services. The clients can download free online income tax services software that helps individuals and corporate firm to file their tax returns without any financial or professional aid.

It saves tax return preparation cost, time and physical efforts or an organization or a salaried employee. People interested in filing free online tax returns can visit various financial and government websites to download necessary application software. Once the software tool is downloaded, one can easily follow the online instructions to prepare and file the necessary tax returns in real-time. Please note that at most care must be taken during any online monetary transactions to avoid financial scams and account hacking attempts. Please contact or visit Kumar Income Tax Services website for any type of financial consulting, tax return preparations, auditing, and Notary Public, account bookkeeping and other corporate accounting projects.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

In today’s global competitive world, managing an organization’s accurate bookkeeping and tax returns are as important as running a successful trade. Be it a large corporation or an individual LLC, without a precise accounting and financial practice, it’s impossible to maintain a constant financial growth of organization or a firm.

Kumar Income Tax Services is a California based end-to-end financial consulting firm specialized in providing cost-effective tax return preparation, income tax auditing, Notary Public, professional accounting and bookkeeping services. It also provides free online e-file tax filing facilities. The Kumar Income Tax Services is a government authorised Notary Public consulting and services firm engaged in authenticating, attestations of signatures and acknowledgments of deeds, documents and other legal files. Be it a professional organization, individual business, freelancers or home owners, everyone needs a professional income tax planning, tax return preparation, tax levies and liens, tax audits, federal tax instalment plans, amended tax return preparation services and state tax instalment plans.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Kumar Income Tax Services serves large customer based from diverse industries including manufacturing, information technology, pharmaceutical, FMCG, aeronautical, hospitality, NGO, fashion, publishing, and investment firms.

 It offers wide assortment of financial consulting services including tax return preparation, tax auditing, account bookkeeping, Notary Public and other related activities. Every corporate organization needs the services of experienced financial consultants to run a successful business. A financial sound organization can invest, diversify and expand its business at any time. It can take instantaneous decisions related to business funding, provide world-class services to clients and offer premium workplace amenities to its employees. When an organization of an individual LLC has accurate financial record, it has a freedom of planning its future moves well in advance. This helps gain untapped potential market space, earn additional business profits and gain industry leadership position.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Kumar Income Tax Services provide affordable, premium quality personalized financial services based on client needs. It’s legally binding for an organization to maintain up-to-date financial records including everyday monetary dealings, business investment statements, banking transaction records, profit and loss accounts and numerous other such accounting practises.

Accurate and timely tax return preparation, account book auditing and filing income tax return helps avoid heavy penalties and possible criminal sanctions based on the investigation conducted by Department of Audits. The online free e-filing software assists large organizations, small industries and individual tax payers to file their returns without any charges. It’s free, easy to use and offers wide range of financial tools to maintain, prepare and file accurate income tax returns.  The software is freely available online.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Be it a large corporation or an individual LLC, it’s important to keep accurate, authentic and up-to-date financial records. The correct economic and tax records of a company offers instantaneous financial condition, business viability and market leadership proofs. Based on correct income and expenditure records, an organization can plan and implement various successful business projects. And for an individual, a business record helps to keep a tab on current earnings, savings and financial liability. Also, based on reports of an up-to-date financial statement or a record, an individual can plan a secure future for his or her family. The Kumar Income Tax Services is a California based professional financial consulting firm specialized in providing cost-effective tax return preparation, public notary, tax auditing and account bookkeeping services to large client base including large corporations, LLCs and individuals.